Four Reasons an Old Mattress Makes You Uncomfortable

Those who toss and turn all night often do so because of their lumpy, old mattress. When a mattress is older, it needs to be tossed and a new one put in its place. Unfortunately, people often sleep on an old mattress for far too long. It is important for individuals to understand why a mattress might be causing them sleep discomfort so they will know when they need to seek a new mattress for their bed.

How to Know a Mattress Needs Replacing

The average lifespan of a mattress is around seven to ten years, depending on the materials it is made of and the quality of the workmanship. On average, a person needs to make sure they replace their mattress at least every ten years. Doing so ensures they are sleeping on a mattress that will provide them with the right level of comfort and support. The following are some of the reasons older mattresses cause discomfort.

  • When a mattress has been slept on for many years, the inner springs and the support mechanisms of the mattress begin to lose their strength and shape. When this happens, the mattress no longer properly supports the body, and pain and discomfort can begin to occur.
  • Some mattresses are made from cheaper materials and they can stretch out of shape and become lumpy over time. When this happens, the lumps and bumps create pressure points for the body.
  • Sometimes, the metal framing and springs can break on older mattresses. When these metal pieces are broken, they can pierce through the mattress and lead to injuries. Any mattress in this shape needs to be recycled and replaced.
  • Certain materials in a mattress can become compressed and no longer offer the springiness they once did. When this happens, a great loss of support can occur.

Purchase a New Mattress

If you have noticed any of the above signs, it is time to purchase your new mattress. We recommend you read this to make sure you are able to view hints on purchasing the right mattress for your needs. With a new mattress, you can sleep soundly again.